Smart data. Smart care.

Smart data. Smart care.

Smart data. Smart care.

Ocean is led by clinician informaticians, powered by software engineers & underpinned by health IT standards

Smart data. Smart care.

Smart data. Smart care.

Ocean's vision:

To improve health outcomes using intelligent data.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians

Intelligent clinical software as a tool to support grassroots clinicians do what they do best - deliver quality health care

Making clinical knowledge compute!

Ocean’s team of informaticians have international expertise in clinical information modelling,
quality health data design & clinical knowledge governance

Software with a vision

Built on a robust health software platform, Ocean’s clinical solutions ensure that no application is a silo but a stepping stone to an integrated shared electronic health record

Setting the standards in health data

Ocean’s online Clinical Knowledge Manager is used by many international eHealth programs – a cutting edge tool for Web 2.0 clinical content collaboration & governance

Clinician engagement made easy

Ocean’s approach enables our informaticians to act as the communication bridge between your clinicians and the software engineers – effectively a lingua franca for health IT


Infection Control and Staff Health

Infection control in today's acute hospital environment is a critical process for patient outcomes. Multiprac Infection Control and Staff Health is a comprehensive application managing all aspects of infection control in acute hospitals, including all mandatory reporting requirements.

Services & Tools

As pioneers of openEHR specifications and clinical modelling methodology, the Ocean team has extensive expertise in openEHR. We offer clinical modelling, consulting services, training and modelling tools.

 About Ocean Health Systems

 Our clinician-led Ocean team provides a unique approach to health data and electronic health records, with a collective clinical informatics expertise spanning more than 100 years of hands-on experience.

Combined with the cutting-edge technology skills of our software engineers and our knowledge of the openEHR specifications, it is not hard to see why Ocean is internationally recognised as a leader in the development of shared electronic health records and interoperability of health data.

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