Smart data. Smart care.

Smart data. Smart care.

Smart data. Smart care.

Ocean is led by clinician informaticians, powered by software engineers & underpinned by health IT standards

Smart data. Smart care.

Smart data. Smart care.

Ocean's vision:

To improve health outcomes using intelligent data.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians

Intelligent clinical software as a tool to support grassroots clinicians do what they do best - deliver quality health care

Making clinical knowledge compute!

Ocean’s team of informaticians have international expertise in clinical information modelling,
quality health data design & clinical knowledge governance

Software with a vision

Built on a robust health software platform, Ocean’s clinical solutions ensure that no application is a silo but a stepping stone to an integrated shared electronic health record

Setting the standards in health data

Ocean’s online Clinical Knowledge Manager is used by many international eHealth programs – a cutting edge tool for Web 2.0 clinical content collaboration & governance

Clinician engagement made easy

Ocean’s approach enables our informaticians to act as the communication bridge between your clinicians and the software engineers – effectively a lingua franca for health IT


Including MultiPrac

Ocean’s suite of clinical applications includes Integrated Care, Care planning, Mental Health, Staff Health, Multiprac Infection Control, Hearing Health and Mobile. All applications are built on the OceanEHR eHealth platform for maximum interoperability and scalability. 

Services & Tools

As pioneers of openEHR specifications and clinical modelling methodology, the Ocean team has extensive expertise in openEHR. We offer clinical modelling, consulting services, training and modelling tools.

 About Ocean Health Systems

 Our clinician-led Ocean team provides a unique approach to health data and electronic health records, with a collective clinical informatics expertise spanning more than 100 years of hands-on experience.

Combined with the cutting-edge technology skills of our software engineers and our knowledge of the openEHR specifications, it is not hard to see why Ocean is internationally recognised as a leader in the development of shared electronic health records and interoperability of health data.

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Some Case Studies...

  • OceanEHR platform

    OceanEHR platform

    Our Ocean team worked with the Northern Territory Department of Health to underpin the NT's My eHealth Record with our OceanEHR platform - a solution that included:
    • Shared EHR architecture/infrastructure
    • Structured clinical data conforming to the Australian Digital Health Agency's DCMs/openEHR archetypes
    • Clinical engagement to agree the meaning of data and defining data structures representing antenatal data requirements
  • Integrated care & care planning

    Integrated care & care planning

    In partnership with Western Sydney PHN, Ocean built a care planning tool, known as LinkedEHR on top of our OceanEHR platform.
    It enables community GPs, allied health professionals, hospitals and specialists to share care plans and integrate care for clients with chronic disease and complex needs. This is resulting in more efficient and timely interventions.
    • Integration of services across local primary health providers, local hospital services, jurisdictional health services, and the national My Health Record infrastructure
    • A longitudinal health record
  • Infection Control system

    Infection Control system

    The replacement of 22 separate, and outdated, "eICAT" stand-alone Infection Control systems, with the installation of Multiprac Infection Control enterprise capable system. The new Multiprac Infection Control system provides the capability for true state-wide Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) surveillance. The Multiprac Infection Control HAI surveillance system delivered a suite of surveillance-related modules to QH clinicians replacing 22 separate instances of an outdated infection control system. This enabled Queensland health to carry out state-wide detailed surveillance and reporting of:
    • Blood stream infections
    • Significant organism
    • Surgical site infection
    • Occupational exposures
    • Outbreak management (including contact tracing)
  • Clinician engagement

    Clinician engagement

    Ocean's pragmatic ‘openEHR methodology’ approach, developed by our informaticians, was been used to bridge the clinician-to-technologist gap to develop clinically agreed data set specifications ready for implementation.
    In a workshop held over one and a half days, we:
    • Identified and recorded the clinical requirements, workflow and business rules using mind maps.
    • Built draft clinical specifications in parallel to the mind map development, directly in front of the clinicians.
    • Output a draft technical specification at the end of the second morning, potentially implementable.
    The Project Manager estimated that this would usually take 6 months to achieve the same output using traditional approaches.

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Who we work with...

Where in the world?

Ocean’s extensive experience working in the eHealth environment enables us to bridge the communication gap between clinical and technical worlds, to match both clinical expectations and practical health IT solution delivery.

Our Clinical Knowledge Manager, clinical modelling tools, OceanEHR platform, tools and eHealth solutions are deployed around the globe.

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