Dr Sam Heard, MD | Managing Director

Dr Sam Heard, MD | Managing Director

Dr Sam Heard is a is a practicing clinician with a diverse range of international experience, including roles in inner London (UK) and the Northern Territory (Australia), where he assisted with the standardisation of health information to empower clinicians and their patients - and improve health care and outcomes. During his career, Sam has held senior positions in London and Australian Universities, as well as Australian Professional Colleges. He ran the GP training program for the Northern Territory for many years and was also chairperson of the National Education Committee of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for three years.

As an active GP obstetrician, Sam continues to practice medicine when at home in Darwin (Australia) – sharing his skills where there is a major shortage of clinicians. Sam developed clinical software for general practice in London in 1985, was a leader of the Good European Health Record (GEHR) project, and has been active in heath informatics ever since. He has published widely on both clinical and e-health subjects and has presented at numerous conferences around the world.

Sam has been an Australian representative to international standards meetings and was a foundation co-Chair of the HL7 Electronic Health Record Technical Committee (EHR TC). To add to his wealth of experience, Sam was an invited observer and contributor to the CEN EN 13606 standards meetings, and is a key contributor to Standards Australia. Sam was also a member of the IHTSDO Implementation and Innovation committee of (2009-10). In 1997, Sam was responsible for the development of some of the key concepts of knowledge-based e-health including archetypes, with Thomas Beale. Sam developed the original product concepts for the Archetype Editor, Ocean Terminology Service and subset builder, and the Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM).

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Dr Heather Leslie, MD  |  CCIO

Dr Heather Leslie, MD | CCIO

From the earliest days of computerised prescribing, personal health records & electronic health record development in Australia, Dr Heather Leslie’s experience as a hospital clinician & family medicine practitioner led her to a sideways transition into digital health.

As Ocean’s Chief Clinical Informatician and Lead for the openEHR Foundation's Clinical Program, Heather has guided the evolution of ‘the openEHR approach' to creation of clinical content for electronic health records. The approach is a methodology for development, clinical verification, publication & governance of computable, non-proprietary clinical knowledge specifications - known as openEHR archetypes & templates. A key reason for the success of this work is the establishment of an integrated collaborative model for active clinical expert engagement - a rare commodity that has not been harnessed by most other technical paradigms.

Heather leads the development of the Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) – designed to act as an enduring information structure resource for openEHR archetypes & templates. It manages the global library of openEHR archetypes, templates & terminology value sets that have been verified by clinicians/engineers as fit for use in digital health systems. The clinical knowledge governance process underpinning CKM allows the archetypes to be gradually refined as new clinical use cases are identified, while still functioning as a valuable, long-term asset to outlast any specific technical implementation or messaging trend. Since 2007, Heather has developed & delivered training programs for openEHR clinical modelling & clinical knowledge governance. Consulting services and training have been provided to eHealth programs, & organisations - including UK NHS, AU's NEHTA, Norway’s Nasjonal IKT, and MoH in Slovenia & Brasil.

Dr Heather Leslie’s special interests include: ● Clinical modeling ● Clinical knowledge governance ● Clinical informatics ● Electronic health records ● Quality of data

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Heath Frankel  |  CTO

Heath Frankel | CTO

Heath Frankel is a Health Informatics Consultant with 18 years of experience in solution design and development of Clinical Information Systems. Throughout these roles, his emphasis has been on shared health records, system interoperability and electronic referrals.

Initially, Heath specialised in Health Level 7 (HL7) clinical messaging and its relationship to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). He was a member of Standards Australia IT-14 working group committees and also represented Australia at HL7 Working Group Meetings as a Modelling Facilitator. Heath is also a contributor to the Australian profile for FHIR.

Heath joined Ocean in 2005 to design and oversee the development of Ocean's openEHR clinical modelling tools and EHR application platform, which are the foundation of Ocean’s products and projects, including Multiprac Infection Control, LinkedEHR and NT DoH My eHealth Record. He has consulted to several Australian jurisdictions on eHealth integration, solution and enterprise architectures and currently contributes to the openEHR Foundation as a dedicated member of the Specification Editorial Committee.

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Andrew Blunden, FCA  |  CFO/Company Secretary

Andrew Blunden, FCA | CFO/Company Secretary

Andrew Blunden is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and has more than 30 years of experience working across a variety of industries, including IT, Healthcare and Financial Services.

He has held a variety of executive-level roles, including Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary and Director for both publicly-listed and privately owned organisations in Australia and Asia. His vast experience includes assisting many companies navigate high-growth periods and helping them maximise their value. Andrew has also been instrumental in the successful public listing and trade sale of several companies.

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