Ocean's Integrated Care application, known as LinkedEHR, is a comprehensive tool that connects patients with their carers across a continuum of care – from the community to the hospital - underpinned by a comprehensive care planning tool.

Built in partnership with Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WentWest), LinkedEHR provides a single, dynamic shared care plan that is accessible by the entire care team.  It enables General Practitioners, allied health providers, specialists and hospital-based clinicians insight to the complete range of care activities that are planned or being carried out for their most complex patients as they move between each participating healthcare provider.  

In most clinical situations, the patient's usual GP creates a care plan, based on national best practice and evidence-based care pathways. The care plan is a transparent way to coordinate and integrate care amongst a group of healthcare providers with different skills and in a viariety of locations, to ensure that all identified care requirements for the patient are delivered. The patient themselves is critical to this approach - they have access to their own online care plan and associated health record through a web portal or mobile apps.  Over time, as the patient interacts with their care providers, the care plan is updated and effectively becomes a single living, breathing view of the patient's care status - the whole care team is aware of every aspect of the patient’s care and are working together to optimise care outcomes.


The Patient at the Centre

Research shows that when patients are included in their care plan and are part of their own care team, health outcomes are better and targets are more likely to be met.

General Practitioner-friendly

Care planning begins with the patient's usual GP and is designed to help them create comprehensive, cohesive and evidence-based care plans, without disrupting their normal clinical workflow.  GPs enjoy the benefits of being able to easily refer to other care team members and get notified of referral acceptances and any changes to care activities that occur.

Multidisciplinary approach

In most health environments today, clinicians find that patient information is not easily shared as patients move between different parts of the health system. This leads to wastage of healthcare resources and often there is also poorer outcomes for patients.  Ocean's online Care Planning tool enables GPs to create a care team that is tailored to a patient’s specific needs and allows that care team to coordinate easily and communicate effectively - wherever they are - enabling the streamlined sharing of information at every important step.

Based on a shared electronic health record

Ocean Care Planning is built upon the OceanEHR platform - an open, standards-based electronic health record which provides high-availability and high-scaleability. OceanEHR has built-in security, privacy and integration functions and is able to be rapidly deployed to cloud or local servers, plus is easily customised to meet individual requirements.


Key Features

  • Integration - Seamlessly integrates with GP and other community systems to enable clinicians to efficiently coordinate care of their patients.
  • Mobile connectivity - Mobile phone and tablets connect to enable clinicians and patients to view and update the care plan wherever they are.
  • Shared Care Plan - Enables clinicians to create a single, best practice care plan for their patients with one click. The ability to easily request that other clinicians become part of the care team is an added benefit. All the care team can see and be notified of changes and updates to the care plan as they happen.
  • Security and Privacy - All privacy and security features are built-in, so that only those providers who should have access to a patient’s record, do have access.
  • MyHealthRecord - Seamlessly connected to the Australia's national My Health Record to enable viewing of all documents that have been uploaded there.