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A highly scalable, standards based, clinical data repository and integration platform.  

In the increasingly complex world of modern medicine, almost every application of information technology to the problem requires an electronic health record (EHR). Whether it’s enabling shared communication of complex clinical data, or providing real time decision support functionality, a modern EHR needs to be flexible, standards based, scalable and patient centric. Ocean Health System’s OceanEHR platform provides a proven, highly available, greatly scalable, completely flexible and standards based environment for a modern (and future-proof) electronic health record. OceanEHR provides a complete platform for building modern applications for any need across the spectrum of health including cloud-based, SAAS and mobile systems.   

The Benefits 

Flexible data model 

Based on the openEHR specification and standard www.openehr.org, the OceanEHR platform can store, retrieve, display and query any data that is defined by an openEHR model (archetype). There are already hundreds of these models defined and published by clinicians from all over the world and other models can be easily defined. Using the OceanEHR platform means that your data can be defined any way that you want or need it to be, and can be added to without re-engineering, just by defining an new archetype.

Standards based 

OceanEHR is designed with standards in mind. The core clinical data repository uses an open standard for data storage (openEHR). The platform is compliant with all HL7 standards including HL7 v2, HL7 CDA and HL7 FHIR. The platform is IHE compliant and data is stored and can be queried using local and international terminologies such as SNOMED-CT, LOINC and ICD9/10. 

Non-proprietary, open data model 

Most vendor systems lock clients in to a proprietary, fixed data model that means changes are dependent on the vendor, expensive and often restrictive, in that, there is no guarantee that the data can be moved from one system to another. Ocean’s OceanEHR platform uses the open, non-proprietary openEHR data model. The advantage is, that the data is extensible without re-engineering the system and can be exported and re-used with complete fidelity. 

Integration layer 

OceanEHR has been successfully integrated into the most complex of health environments with feeds from hospital, primary care, mobile apps all in a variety of formats from legacy HL7 V2 feeds to the latest HL7 FHIR standard. Utilising international standards such as IHE and national standards such as Secure Messaging, Identifier standards and B2B gateways, OceanEHR doesn’t require clients to change their current model of operation and integration. 

Scalable from small to very large sites 

The OceanEHR platform is able to scale from the desktop to large enterprise environments with millions of records and high transaction rates. 

High availability 

OceanEHR has proven itself over many years of mission critical, health application environments to be robust and meet any criteria for high availability and supportability.