staff health

Infection control programs also play a role in:

  • reducing the susceptibility of health care workers to occupationally acquired infectious diseases; and
  • minimising the risk to clients/patients from infectious health care workers.

Screening for evidence of immunity, managing situations involving infectious employees, initialing preventative health measures, and minimising occupational exposures to infectious diseases are core components of any infection control program.

The Staff Health module of our Multiprac Infection Control system (MultipracSH) can be used stand alone or with the other components of Multiprac product suite.

MultipracSH allows you to maintain a full occupational and preventive health record for all staff members, which enables program managers to establish baseline health information for all health care workers and supporting staff, plan preventive strategies, and manage effective coordination of exposure investigations.

Components of the Staff Health Module include:

  • Registering a new staff member
  • Staff Health Plan
  • Activities
  • Health Summary
  • Diagnostic Results
  • Previous Plans
  • Reporting