Ocean Health Systems is home to a group of highly-experienced clinical informaticians, health informaticians and software engineers.

Our deep expertise about the openEHR, health data standardisation, clinical knowledge governance and clinician engagement is world-renowned and highly sought after by both international organisations and national eHealth programs. 

As founders of the openEHR Foundation and primary authors of the openEHR specifications, Ocean has a unique breadth and depth of knowledge about the openEHR ecosystem that sets us apart.

While our primary focus is on and around the openEHR specifications, our practical experience includes general eHealth strategy, integration with existing systems, interoperability, eHealth standards, mobile apps and day-to-day clinical work.

Ocean's work with governments and health authorities over the last two decades on the development of many aspects of eHealth programmes and projects, includes:

  • understanding the eHealth and electronic health record problem space
  • cost-effective strategies for introducing semantic interoperability
  • engagement of industry, clinical professionals and healthcare delivery organisations
  • how to work with standards and new technologies
  • how to effectively use terminologies

Our Informatics & Consulting Services:

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