mental health

Bringing together mental health providers, assessments and carers into a single environment with the client at the centre.

Ocean Mental Health has been built in conjunction with the Primary Health Networks across Australia and is designed to solve the problem of people with mental health care issues who see many different providers - none of whom are easily able to communicate with one another.   It enables GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, NGOs, specialists and hospital-based clinicians to see what is going on with their most complex mental health clients as they move across the continuum of care.  Ocean Mental Health provides the ability to create a stepped model of care for mental health clients - assisting people to get the care they need in the most efficient way and enabling care-givers to access a clear and accurate picture of the needs and status of the person at any given time.


The Patient at the Centre

Research shows that when clients are included in their care plan and are part of their own care team, that outcomes are better and that targets are more likely to be met.  Ocean Mental Health empowers mental health clients to manage their own recovery.


Ocean Care Planning is designed to assist clinicians to create comprehensive, cohesive and best practice-based mental health care plans in conjunction with their clients.  Team members can become part of the care plan so that everyone can be up-to-date with each important step of a person’s care.

Multidisciplinary approach

In most health environments today, clinicians find that patient information is not easily shared as patients move between different parts of the health system. This leads to waste and poorer outcomes for patients.  The Ocean Mental Health tool enables the creation of a care team that is tailored to a client’s specific needs and allows that care team to communicate wherever they are so that everyone can know what is happening throughout the care process.

Based on a shared electronic health record

Ocean Mental Health is built on the OceanEHR eHealth platform, and provides an  open, standards-based electronic health record with high-availability and high-scaleability. OceanEHR has built-in security, privacy and integration functions and is able to be rapidly deployed to cloud or local servers – with the added benefit of being individually customised to meet specific requirements.


Key Features


Seamlessly integrates with GP and other community systems to enable clinicians to efficiently coordinate care of their patients.   [Diagram?]

Mobile connectivity

Mobile phone and tablets connect to enable clinicians and clients to view and update the care plan wherever they are.  Patient Reported Outcome Measures enable the whole care team to see how clients are responding to treatment.

Shared Care Plan

Enables clinicians to create a single, best practice care plan for their clients with just one click and then to easily request that other clinicians become part of the care team.  All the care team can see and be notified of changes and updates to the care plan as they happen. [app image]

Security and Privacy

Ocean Care Planning has all the privacy and security features built-in, so only those who should have access to a patient’s record, do have access.


Ocean Care Planning is seamlessly connected to the National My Health Record to enable viewing of all documents that have been uploaded there.

Our experienced engineering groups know the e-health problem space intimately and, with the active support of our clinical team, we help you implement the application that perfectly suits your clinical needs. All our solutions are built on the OceanEHR platform, which provides all of the base functionality that modern health applications need for security, privacy, clinical content and connectivity.  Ocean has built applications on the platform that have, for years, provided mission-critical applications for clinicians.

We can also provide development capability in a variety of specialist areas, including:

  • Solution architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Message integration implementation
  • Application re-engineering
  • Message schema development

Our Ocean team can also provide expert review of your existing architecture, project definition or implementations.

Particular areas of expertise include:


  • HL7 message interfacing, including complex message-processing workflows
  • HL7 v2, HL7 CDA and HL7 FHIR
  • MPI interfacing
  • IHE / XDS
  • Continua Alliance device data

EHR system scoping and configuration

  • Querying analysis and strategy 


  • Ocean has extensive experience of working with individual clinician teams, to build Custom applications that are based on detailed clinical analysis and designed to meet your individual requirements.  Applications can be developed rapidly on the OceanEHR platform and deployed on the web or mobile.  Ocean can provide full lifecycle support for any applications, including maintenance and support.