Ocean’s CKM product has been purpose built to support the openEHR approach, evolving initially as a tool for our own use as we managed the international openEHR community’s collaborative efforts, and continuing to evolve as we and our customers make progress in this developing knowledge domain.

There really is no substitute for Ocean’s experience.

The easiest part of this work has been the development of a tool that manages the library of clinical models - this is essentially just a technical process and one that could potentially be replicated by others in other tools. However, our success to date has been not only development of this repository but more from its combination with other CKM features and attributes that represent our extensive learnings and efforts in: clinician engagement: online, asynchronous collaboration; crowd sourcing; quality control; and the very complex implementation environment which requires strict artefact governance, ongoing maintenance and distribution.

As a result, the Ocean CKM that was initially used to underpin the efforts of the international openEHR community is now the exemplar for a number of similar national efforts that have followed – led largely by the Norwegian Nasjonal IKT and Australia’s Australian Digital Health Agency. There is also a CKM underpinning standards work by the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) in England’s NHS, another managed by the Ministry of Health in Slovenia, and one that is in the first stages of use by the Ministry of Health in Brazil at the CENTERMs project.

Each of these CKM instances is online and managed remotely by our technical team, making installation and maintenance a streamlined and relatively simple process.

CKM is deployed in English as the default language, however it can be deployed in other languages.

Deployed CKM instances: