This week the Northern Territory's My eHealth Record service has been featured as the only example of a successful electronic health record (EHR) implementation in a newly published WHO report on eHealth - a great win for Ocean as it is underpinned by our very own OceanEHR platform!

Published in PulseIT on September 15, 2015 by Kate McDonald:

Sydney-based health informatics firm Ocean Informatics is set to use the success of the LinkedEHR platform it has built in association with Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WentWest) to offer its services and technology to more PHNs following a recent injection of funds from a private investor.

In 2011, the Brazilian Ministry of Health issued an Ordinance which regulates the use of standards for interoperability and health information for health information systems within the Health System, the Municipal levels, District, State and Federal, and private systems and the private health care sector.

In February 2014, Heather Leslie and Ian McNicoll returned to beautiful Bergen to present a second introductory 2 day openEHR training course to local clinicians, informaticians and vendors. In the subsequent 2 days they followed up with the core Norwegian clinical modelling team in an intensive workshop during which the new Norwegian CKM was launched.

The Ocean's Clinical Knowledge Manager tool was deployed at the Slovenia Minstry of Health in February 2014, as a critical component for a broader national contract managed by Marand d.o.o.