Ocean Informatics, the recognised leader in e-health area, announced today that Dr Hugh Leslie, MD has been named Chief Executive Officer.

Sam Heard, formerly Ocean's CEO, will remain on the company's Board and serve as the Chair of the Board.

Hugh Leslie, MD

Dr. Hugh Leslie is a General Practitioner with 20 years of experience in e-health. He developed one of the first GP systems for the Australian market, later sold to to KPMG Consulting in the early 90s. After the dotcom boom, Hugh worked for Global Health for a number of years.

Hugh is an expert on clinical workflow, health information pathways and has a deep understanding of what is required of EHR solutions and applications. His medical experience has enabled him to understand and help develop customer requirements. He is a major contributor to the design and implementation of the Ocean clinical modelling tools and regularly consults on e-health strategy for national programmes as well as provider organisations.

Sam Heard, MD

Dr. Sam Heard is a visionary Australian clinician and an co-founder of Ocean. During his career, he has held senior positions in London and Australian Universities and Australian Professional Colleges. He ran the GP training program for the Northern Territory for many years and was chairperson of the National Education Committee of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for 3 years. He has been an active GP obstetrician and he continues to practice medicine when at home in Darwin (Australia) where there is a major shortage of clinicians.