In February 2014, Heather Leslie and Ian McNicoll returned to beautiful Bergen to present a second introductory 2 day openEHR training course to local clinicians, informaticians and vendors. In the subsequent 2 days they followed up with the core Norwegian clinical modelling team in an intensive workshop during which the new Norwegian CKM was launched.

The Ocean's Clinical Knowledge Manager tool was deployed at the Slovenia Minstry of Health in February 2014, as a critical component for a broader national contract managed by Marand d.o.o.

Ocean Informatics, the recognised leader in e-health area, announced today that Dr Hugh Leslie, MD has been named Chief Executive Officer.

Sam Heard, formerly Ocean's CEO, will remain on the company's Board and serve as the Chair of the Board.

CHRISP and RBWH have completed training and testing of the Multiprac IC infection control system, being rolled out to 22 Queensland Health facilities.