care planning

Health applications for mobile and tablet devices have introduced a new way for clinicians to communicate with their patients and to do their job efficiently and effectively - even while on the move.

Mobile technology has the power to transform the way that clinical work is done – and allows patients to participate in their care more easily. Ocean Health Systems prides itself on being at the forefront of the latest mobile app development technologies. Our development team has expertise in native apps, that can access and utilise all mobile operating system features, and hybrid apps, that allow for wider range of platform compatibility.

It’s clear, that in order for mobile applications to really be of benefit to clinicians and their patients, there needs to be a complete ecosystem behind the app. Apps by themselves, without connectivity, are rapidly discarded as they provide little benefit to end-users.

Ocean provide that integral ecosystem by building and connecting apps to the OceanEHR platform in the cloud – enabling data to be persisted and allowing the clinical team the opportunity directly involved in the patient’s care.