Clinical Knowledge Manager

Clinical Knowledge Manager provides a repository and tools that help develop the knowledge domain and further openEHR community’s collaborative efforts. Beyond being a repository, Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) combines features, attributes and extensive experience in clinician engagement, online asynchronous collaboration, crowd sourcing, quality control and the very complex implementation environment which requires strict artefact governance, ongoing maintenance and distribution.

Clinical Knowledge Manager
Benefits Include:
  • Over 20 years of experience in supporting the openEHR approach
  • Available online and managed remotely
  • Streamlined installation and maintenance
  • Supports openEHR templates and archetypes
  • Universal interoperability among all forms of electronic data
  • Internationally deployed instances, including Norway, United Kingdom, Australia and Slovenia
  • Strict artefacts governance and quality control

What is more; we can also provide you with Template Designer and Archetype Editor free of charge. To find out more – click below.

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