Shared Care Planning

Our electronic health record (LinkedEHR) platform provides integrated service that enables healthcare providers and consumers to access and engage with a shared patient care plan.

Accessible through a browser or a mobile app, the platform connects general practitioners, allied health providers, specialists, hospital-based clinicians, non-government organisations, acute care providers and the health care consumers themselves to help create efficient care, that costs less and most importantly enables care that improves patient outcomes.

<span>Why choose</span> Why choose

Benefits Include:
  • Irradiates the need for inefficient, paper-based, care plans
  • Integrates into all GP clinical management systems
  • Enables practitioners to view, accept referrals and update service progress
  • Provides reminders, notifications and secure messaging ensuring real-time communication to the care team
  • Direct view/access to HealthPathways
  • Suitable for any practice or PHN network or member
  • Accessible from any device to enable clinicians and patients to view and update the care plan in real time, wherever they are
  • Provides a secure access to registered users only to ensure patient’s records are handled with care
  • Customisable to healthcare settings to ensure efficiency of service provision
  • Provides automated monitoring of HAIs
  • Identifies adverse trends
  • Helps implement process improvement measures
  • Assesses effectiveness of all interventions

The best part about LinkedEHR is that it is a community focused platform, that will help you deliver the care you seek to provide to your patients – ensuring that they do not ‘fall through the cracks’. As such, the tool will not only help you increase your efficiency but significantly improve your ability to provide care and better patient outcomes.

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