Multiprac is an infection prevention and control system provided by Ocean Health Systems, which provides centralised clinical data to help streamline the management of hospital acquired infections and infectious diseases across health services.

Existing customers only required a configurable business rule adjustment to respond to the COVID19 outbreak.

The technology enhanced staff workflow to manage the infection as pathology test and result notifications for the virus were built into the Significant Organism module.

Mobilising the Ocean Team

Desleigh, the product manager at Ocean Health Systems, said outbreak management was a core component of the application and her team was quick to respond to provide surveillance of COVID19 testing that demonstrated how Multiprac could adapt. She said the new science helped create the essential business rules for clinical users to have access to real time notifications.

About Multiprac

Multiprac combines clinical assessment data with information from patient administration and pathology systems to help provide infection control care plans complete with contact tracing and task planning on Surgical Site Surveillance (SSS), Blood Stream Investigations (BSIs), and Significant Organisms (SOs).

The system has been in operation for nearly ten years using Ocean’s openEHR platform.

Utilised to its full capability, it can display clinical trends, represent clinical workflow requirements and be adjusted to support any size health service requirements.

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