New LinkedEHR Care Planning 3.5 Release

Ocean Health Systems is pleased to announce the LinkedEHR Care Planning 3.5 release. This new release allows providers that are not LinkedEHR users to be added to an individual’s care team and send them Chronic Disease Management referrals using secure messaging. 

The new functionality uses the national Provider Directory and Secure Messaging specifications developed by the Australian Digital Health Agency based on HL7 FHIR Release 4 and HL7 V2.4 standards. It was implemented as part of The Agency’s Secure Messaging Industry Offer.

The benefit of the new functionality of this release means patients can now choose who is involved in their care team even if they are not a user of LinkedEHR or located within the Primary Health Network that is custodian of the system.



In addition, the Chronic Disease Management referral documents sent using secure messaging or to a provider that is a LinkedEHR user, can be viewed in the documents list. From the documents list, the delivery status of the referral is visible for both secure message delivery and email notifications.


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For more information about LinkedEHR Care Planning application, reach out to the team at Ocean Health Systems.