Challenge, change and what’s in store for 2022

2021 seems to have flown past, and for Ocean Health Systems it has been a time for reflection, celebration and thinking about what’s to come. I think for most of Ocean’s clients and partners it was an easier year to navigate than 2020. 

As life returned to something more predictable this year, 2021 also delivered its fair share of big questions for businesses and Ocean is no exception. With smart new company branding across all areas of Ocean, this mirrors our company vision to be the destination point of smart approaches to Industry/ Health data. 

I’m so proud to be part of this community. Over the past 12 months we were all challenged, and together we rose to very specific challenges, addressing the needs of the IT business and Government at this time. 

One of these challenges was developing a cloud-based version of our Multiprac Infection Control surveillance tool based on our health computing platform. We’re proud to be able to quickly respond to interest in such a critical tool from smaller healthcare facilities, who are often priced out from vital tools. We’ve also ramped up our efforts to deliver the next version of our health-data analytics solution, which will provide vital information for decision making by processing tens of millions of medical documents in seconds, when it goes to production in 2022.

2021 has also seen two major upgrades of Ocean’s Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) system, with a new publication-oriented view for resources managed in CKM, support for linking external FHIR® value sets to resources in CKM, as well as many improvements to the handling of templates, to name a few. In 2022, we will continue along that line with a strong focus on delivering customer-requested functionality, for example by improving CKM’s review processes for editors, the governance of archetype translations within CKM, and adding commonly requested export formats.

In 2022, we hope to broaden our impact within the cloud by expanding our product offerings and partnerships with key stakeholders. We go into the end of the year with customers in mind. Their challenges are our responsibility, and we believe that if we continue to commit to that thinking, we can build products to solve it, and the coming year will be even more remarkable.

Ocean Health Systems have been grateful to welcome new faces to our local and international team, as well as thank and wish good luck for their future endeavours. As 2021 draws to a close, we are so thankful to all our clients that have continued to support us throughout the year. We look forward to working together and partnering throughout 2022.

For those businesses that we have not yet had the opportunity to work with, we hope to have the opportunity to chat about how we could work together soon. Maybe over a coffee in the New Year? Contact us, and we would love to help.

For those internationally or across state lines, with the lifting of border restrictions, I hope you can be with those you choose to be with over this festive period.

Finally, to our team, a massive thank you for that hard work put in during 2021. I appreciate you all more than you know and wish you all a happy festive season with your loved ones. Looking forward to what we’ll achieve together in 2022. 

Take care, be safe, and see you in the new year.

Warm Regards

Lukas Eksteen

General Manager

Ocean Health Systems

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