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Template Designer

The Template Designer is used to create openEHR templates from archetypes via drag-and-drop and other visual interaction. It enables users to further constrain archetype elements within a template, to exclude optional archetype nodes not relevant to the current template, as well as narrow terminology and other value sets.

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  • The template can be saved and used to create openEHR compositions of archetype data that are validated by its component archetypes
  • Templates can be embedded within other templates
  • Downstream software artefacts allow the use of open Electronic Health Records models to build and deploy software
  • Forms can be automatically constrained to use appropriate terminology
  • Mapping function that allows users to map other data types (such as legacy data) to openEHR templates
  • Template specific downstream software artefacts can be used in a message, document or other communication

The openEHR model is all about data sharing. To help support this principle, we’ve provided the template designer for free.

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