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The Multiprac Product Suite

Automate the monitoring of HAIs and community-acquired infections, providing real-time data and insights for proactive infection control measures with Multiprac Surveillance.

Facilitate comprehensive immunisation tracking and management for staff, ensuring up-to-date vaccination records and compliance with health protocols using Multiprac Immunize.

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More than Software

Multiprac is a comprehensive suite of products focused on data integrity, data collection, and improving workflows. Developed in Australia, these advanced software solutions ensure robust data management across various sectors including healthcare.

Beyond Healthcare:

While the Multiprac suite is predominantly used in the healthcare sector, its applications extend to other verticals, making it a versatile tool for any organisation requiring efficient data governance and management. With the capability to customise and scale according to international markets, Multiprac adapts to varying standards and languages, ensuring seamless integration.

Why Choose Multiprac

Multiprac stands out with its ability to assist organisations in managing their data efficiently. The solution designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation, offering a range of customisable and scalable solutions.

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Data Governance
Monitor and manage data across various environments seamlessly.
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Improved Workflows
Receive notifications based on customisable rules to act swiftly on critical data points
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Customisable and Scalable
Adjustable to meet international standards and language requirements.
Privacy and Security
Implement robust, benchmarking on local and national standards to ensure data security and compliance with regulatory requirements.
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Integration with Power BI Tools
Utilise our Analytical Data Repository (ADR) for real-time reporting and data-driven decision-making.
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