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The Multiprac Product Suite

Facilitate comprehensive immunisation tracking and management for staff, ensuring up-to-date vaccination records and compliance with health protocols using Multiprac Immunize.

Automate the monitoring of HAIs and community-acquired infections, providing real-time data and insights for proactive infection control measures with Multiprac Surveillance.
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More than Software

Multiprac is the leading solution for advanced infection control and surveillance, built on the renowned openEHR platform. Originally developed in Australia as Multiprac Infection Control Prevention and Management and Staff Health, it is now known as Multiprac Surveillance.

As we continue to develop new products for hospitals, aged care, and other verticals, Multiprac revolutionises how healthcare providers manage Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), staff health, and exposure monitoring through automated, customisable, and real-time tools. Predominantly used within Australia, all Multiprac products are designed for scalability and can be adjusted for the international market, accommodating varying standards and languages.

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Why Choose Multiprac

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Comprehensive Surveillance
Monitor healthcare-associated and community-acquired bloodstream infections seamlessly.
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Infection Control at Your Fingertips
Track significant organisms, including antibiotic-resistant ones, and ensure stringent infection control protocols.
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Real-Time Exposure Monitoring
Document and monitor occupational exposures to infectious agents effectively.
Automated Contact Tracing
Efficiently trace contacts of both patients and staff to curb infection spread.
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Customisable Alerts
Receive rule-based notifications about potential infection outbreaks to act swiftly.
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Staff Health Tracking
Maintain comprehensive staff health records, including vaccinations, serology, and treatment summaries.

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