Clinical Knowledge Rocks: The data library for all healthcare facilities 

Ocean Health Systems delivers a lightweight clinical data governance solution, extending its leading global offering to an even wider audience.

Since 2008 clinicians around the world have been using Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM), a comprehensive repository and collaboration environment to manage, describe, and understand clinical data models. CKM is the meeting point for clinicians and other data stakeholders (developers, data scientists, decision-makers) who want to collaborate on model development to aid healthcare interoperability, such as developers who want to use these standard models. CKM offers a simplified lifecycle for standardised clinical models comprising creation, refinement and evolution leading directly to system implementation. CKM specifically enables 

  • Informal discussions, change requests and information model proposals   
  • Formal reviews of content and associated terminology, bindings to standard terminology, and translations, treating all languages as first class 
  • Partitioning of model development in ‘Projects’, ‘Incubators’ and ‘Sub-domains’ 
  • Efficient use of precious minutes of specialised clinicians’ time, instead of days in meetings in one city or another. 

Until now CKM instances have been put in place predominantly in larger (Enterprise) organisations, where value is assured. Having seen a gap for CKM services in small and medium enterprises or organisations, Ocean Health Systems has developed a lightweight version of CKM that meets the functionality, simplified management overhead and pricing requirements of SMEs. 

That solution is CKM Rocks. 

Ocean Health Systems has established CKM Rocks to address the needs of by SMEs. This shared instance if CKM comes at significant reduced costs to each customer. Customers can rent a project within CKM Rocks and choose from various maximum asset levels to ensure it meets their needs and fits their budgets. 

“CKM rocks the digital health landscape by bridging the gap between the accelerating global momentum towards open platforms based on international high-quality clinical content models and the numerous regional activities seeking a head start in their clinical modelling and governance activities,” said Dr Sebastian Garde, CKM Product Lead at Ocean Health Systems. 

CKM Rocks is a shared space where different customers can work alongside each other on the same CKM instance, but in different projects, incubators and subdomains. This reduces the maintenance overhead and enables a simpler hosted entry point for customers interested in CKM services. 

CKM and CKM Rocks enable the development and stewardship of clinical models to deliver interoperability that can fulfil local, regional, and national requirements. These computer-processable models using ISO standard ADL language, enable interoperability within a “Digital Health Ecosystem”. The reuse of fundamental models representing clinical data and the validated clinical meaning that arises from the use of CKM provides the foundation for future health care. This capability is now available to all smaller enterprises and organisations as CKM Rocks.  

About Ocean Health Systems 

Ocean Health Systems has developed and provided Clinical Knowledge Manager to the openEHR community for well over a decade. Now it is time for CKM to reach all healthcare groups and support interoperability globally. 

“Standards at the heart of health systems is the only assured way to interoperability”.
~ Dr. Sam Heard, 1998. 

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