Multiprac Staff Health helps support an infection prevention strategy

Keep your staff up to date and protected with workplace vaccinations including:  Hepatitis A, B, Tetanus, Influenza, Measles, Mumps and Rubella, Pertussis (dTpa) and Varicella.

Multiprac Staff Health provides immunisation information across the organisation to ensure staff, and their direct contacts such as patients and visitors are safe and protected from disease transmission.

As a purpose designed solution it:

  • Supports accreditation reporting and for staff health and safety compliance
  • Complies with occupational exposure management
  • Is flexible and easy-to-use on a mobile interface

Multiprac Staff Health includes: an initial health screening, immunity status summary, vaccination history and checklists, and health plan with follow up activities. It is simple to use, and therefore easy to monitor the health of your staff across any workplace environment.

Multiprac Staff Health forms part of the suite of products which make up the Ocean offering.

Other products in our suite include Infection Control, Shared Care Records, and Clinical Data Modelling supporting Government Organisations, Hospitals, Aged Care and Primary care.

Ask us about how our solutions can support your organisation.

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