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CKM 1.20.0 Modernising the development and governance of clinical content models

Ocean Health Systems is excited to announce the release of CKM 1.20.0, addressing a total of:  This release brings significant enhancements to the CKM platform, increasing efficiency, flexibility, and user experience.  CKM modernises clinical knowledge governance by replacing manual processes with efficient, collaborative online facilities. With built-in engagement functions, CKM

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Unlocking the key features of Multiprac Version 4.5

Multiprac offers a powerful role-based access control system, custom-built with most common security practices in the infection control domain already in place in the form of configurable roles and rules. Therefore, Multiprac users save significant time by not having to define their access control requirements from scratch. An example of

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Clinical Knowledge Manager, and then some. 

Everything you’re missing out on in the newly released CKM_1.19.0  Ocean Health Systems will this month release a new version of their Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM). CKM_1.19.0 focuses on a wide variety of improvements, addressing a total of 155 issues with added features set to provide greater flexibility to remote

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openEHR, Open Standards: A new way of working

The Australasian Institute of Digital Health’s #MedInfo23, the world’s premier digital and health informatics event, saw the most influential leaders of the digital health movement immersed in detailed discussions and case study presentations around the future of digital healthcare, through a global, borderless lens.   One such presentation by Jordi Piera

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Clinical Knowledge Rocks: The data library for all healthcare facilities 

Ocean Health Systems delivers a lightweight clinical data governance solution, extending its leading global offering to an even wider audience. Since 2008 clinicians around the world have been using Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM), a comprehensive repository and collaboration environment to manage, describe, and understand clinical data models. CKM is the meeting

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Australian-born success story celebrates 25 years of health solutions 25 years ago, Ocean Health Systems emerged to defragment a disjointed Australian healthcare sector. On a mission to enable integrated care through the controlled sharing of standardized, meaningful, personal health information, the team successfully fostered and commercialised the first openEHR clinical

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