CKM 1.20.0 Modernising the development and governance of clinical content models

Ocean Health Systems is excited to announce the release of CKM 1.20.0, addressing a total of: 

  • 60 issues relating to new or improved functionality, 
  • 26 bug fixes, and 
  • 13 general tasks involving upgrades or redesign under the hood. 

This release brings significant enhancements to the CKM platform, increasing efficiency, flexibility, and user experience. 

CKM modernises clinical knowledge governance by replacing manual processes with efficient, collaborative online facilities. With built-in engagement functions, CKM simplifies governance workflows and operations, offering version control to track model updates and review states. Once models are ready, they can be published for organisational use, improving quality, time-to-delivery, reducing human resource requirements and reusing internationally agreed models in regions, nations, jurisdictions or organisations. Health jurisdictions and national programmes can leverage CKM to develop standardised clinical content models. CKM enables robust governance, making it a powerful tool for managing and understanding clinical data models that can be used across applications. 

Instance-wide Translation Administrators (per Language)

A new role, “Translation Administrator,” has been introduced to manage translations across projects and languages more efficiently. This role allows designated users to oversee translations for all archetypes across all projects and incubators, enhancing translation management with capabilities such as archetype checkout, translation review, and status setting. The user interface for assigning and revoking these roles has been updated, providing more dynamic and flexible translation management. 

Manage FHIR and OMOP Mappings, AQL Queries, and Subset Models

A new “Mappings & Queries” tab has been added to each archetype and template in CKM, allowing users to upload and maintain artefacts like mappings from openEHR to FHIR® and OMOP CDM, as well as AQL Queries and Subset Models. This enhancement facilitates better integration of various downstream artefacts, improving documentation and management of mappings and queries. The introduction of the Mappings and Queries Editor role enables detailed governance and management of these artefacts, supporting the evolving needs of the CKM community. 

Release Set Overhaul

This release significantly enhances the functionality and usability of Release Sets. Release Set Editors can now revise sets from the revision history with semantic revision numbers displayed during version changes. The overview and individual display of Release Sets have been improved for better clarity, and new features such as the Release Candidate state and strict Release Set Governance mode have been introduced. These enhancements streamline Release Set management, improving the user experience. 

Review Round Overview Redesign

The Review Rounds Overview panel has been redesigned for better usability and intuitiveness. The new layout groups reviews by Review Round, presenting each round as a collapsible panel with key information such as the number of completed reviews, status, initiator, initiation date, and deadline prominently displayed. Donut charts illustrate recommendations from submitted reviews and review invitations, providing a comprehensive overview and control of the review process. 

Reporting Finetuning

Various reporting features have been finetuned, including the availability of the Data Points Report for each project and the total number of Change Requests displayed in the Change Requests Overview. Additionally, the total number of owned, referenced, and remote archetypes used by a project or incubator is now displayed directly on the Projects & Incubators overview page. 

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting and copy-to-clipboard features have been added for various displays such as ADL Archetypes, XML Archetypes, Template OET and OPT, OMOP and FHIR Mappings, AQL Queries, and Release Set Markdown, enhancing readability and ease of use for these elements. 

For a detailed list of all changes and enhancements, please refer to the complete release notes. 

About Ocean Health Systems 

Ocean Health Systems, established over 25 years ago, continues to lead in integrating standardised, meaningful, personal health information to enable integrated care. With the development of the first openEHR clinical data repository and the Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM), Ocean Health Systems has consistently delivered scalable solutions for diverse healthcare needs globally, fostering collaboration among clinicians and developers for better healthcare outcomes. 

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