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To ensure compliance with organisational requirements, employers need to collect and verify the immunisation information of new staff members before they commence their new job. This information typically includes vaccination history, vaccination completion dates, lab tests, and any previous infections of vaccine-preventable diseases. 

However, obtaining this information can be challenging, as the staff member must contact their previous employer and request that the information be sent as a PDF document or hard copy. This process can be time-consuming; and staff may not want to contact their previous employer to ask for their previous immunisation records.

Multiprac Immunize offers a solution to this problem and shares staff vaccination records. If two organisations use Multiprac Immunize to manage their staff’s records, staff members can easily export their immunisation records. This ensures immunisation records are consistent and reliable, saving time for staff members and new employers. By providing a simple and effective way to share immunisation records across organisations, Multiprac Immunize helps to streamline the process of managing staff health records and promotes the overall health and well-being of staff members, and so much more.

Enter Multiprac Immunize

Multiprac Immunize allows automated infection control prevention and management, fitting seamlessly into the regulatory requirements and operations of healthcare providers by design. Infection Control Practitioners (ICPs) receive real-time notifications triggered by facility-set business rules and pathology results. Built on the openEHR architecture, Multiprac Surveillance ensures easy interoperability with other applications, including various patient admission systems (PAS), pathology vendors, human resources, and theatre systems. Scalable for both Cloud and Platform versions, our largest Platform customer operates across 123 facilities and has processed 15 million patient records.

Healthcare providers undergo privacy and confidentiality agreements before receiving ICP roles, and full training is provided. The platform’s information management design, based on decades of research and the openEHR standard, separates identifiable patient demographic data from clinical data at the storage level, enhancing overall system security.

Multiprac Immunize is a web-based application that helps an organisation implement the relevant standards in the workplace to minimise the transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases. It supports an organisation with a risk-based immunisation programme to protect the workforce and meet accreditation, human resources, and legislative requirements. Multiprac Immunize collects, alerts, and reports on the status of immunity and other disease protection activities for personnel working, studying, or volunteering in healthcare environments. Designed as a stand-alone application, it offers comprehensive support for maintaining workplace health standards and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Key Features

  • Staff record sharing across organisations
  • Download CDA documents from My Health Record
  • Intelligent support for organisation Multiprac Immunizer

Why Immunize

Staff Immunisations
Staff vaccination data is simply collected, stored, and reported on when transferred from HR Information available for clinical workflow requirements
Look beyond healthcare
Simple, easy-to-use standalone for verticals, not only Healthcare
Reduce Burdens
Reducing the burden for Nurse immunisers around manual data collection and traceability of absent data from the staff member.
Enhanced Communication
Enhanced communication channels between Nurse Multiprac Immunizer and Staff member to complete immunization profile to ensure compliance with organization policy

Enhanced communication channels between Nurse and Staff member to complete immunisation profile to ensure compliance with organisation policies.

HR Process Alerts
Reducing the review process by HR upon employment – indicating a staff member is immune. One Data collection point that communicates with HR directly.
Immunity identification

Australian Immunisation Register uploads vaccination data and accepts the documentation. It does not indicate immunity. Multiprac Immunize takes it one step further and identifies immunity of the staff member to minimise the risk in the workplace of transmission and promotes staff wellness.

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