MEDIA RELEASE: Prominent Australian Digital Health company extends services into Catalonia.

Ocean Informatics (T/A Ocean Health Systems) awarded Catalonia Tender

Ocean Health Systems, known as the destination point for smart approaches to health data, has been awarded a tender for up to 4 years to implement its Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) solution as a special asset management system. 

“Our web-based collaborative Clinical Knowledge Manager works as a publishing and management solution for openEHR based modelling activities,” notes General Manager Lukas Eksteen. 

“Winning this tender validates the efforts of our global team over the last few years as we’ve worked to provide our Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) tool to the international openEHR community and several national health information management organisations around the world.” 

Catalonia has a growing population of 7,7 million people with universal health coverage, including more than 160 health care providers, 940 facilities and approximately 16,000 different running health applications. In 2017, the Catalan Health System began a strategic thinking process regarding its present and future model of health information technologies. 

Nowadays, Catalonia is moving towards a future in which concepts such as patient-centric, data-centric, longitudinal electronic health record, integrated care, open platform, and clinical knowledge management become routine practice. A future in which the current barriers of interoperability are overcome to move towards common semantics for the clinical knowledge domain. All in all, with the idea to systematically harness the power of data and deliver patient-centric care.

CKM International is used by more than 2500 people in over 100 countries. This sophisticated tool allows domain experts to share data models, contribute to modelling discussions, and provide reviews anytime, anywhere. CKM implements advanced governance workflows allowing high-quality data models and associated documentation for clinical system implementation to be published. CKM manages data models developed using openEHR’s two-tier modelling where archetypes based on the openEHR reference model are combined into templates that represent the data requirements for specific use cases. Based on a standard architecture for future-proof health information, openEHR offers a path from silos of data to longitudinal, patient-centred care, for life. 

The purpose of the service is to provide a Clinical Knowledge Manager solution for the deployment, management, and publication of clinical knowledge artifacts, based on the openEHR standard. The main aim is to integrate all clinical data related to the Catalonian citizens with a longitudinal lifetime view and make them available to all the health ecosystem through the use of semantic standards. 

“Having our own instance of CKM will allow us to socialise our clinical knowledge artifacts with the Catalan ecosystem and the wider openEHR community which will help us to achieve adoption and advance in the implementation of our digital health strategy” acknowledges Jordi Piera, Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office at the Catalan Health Service.

CKM can automatically render all uploaded archetypes and templates as different views for different purposes. For example, a view is generated for archetypes and templates, to allow drill-down to the individual data item, or a mind map view is provided for archetypes for brainstorming and visualisation purposes. In addition, CKM provides a transformation engine so that customers can configure their own transformations of archetypes and templates, for example, to be able to create post-documentation for various purposes, automatically (and therefore consistently) generated from the archetype or template provided. 

CKM’s governance system will lead to clinical data models that are comprehensive, of high quality, computer-processable, transformable, intuitive, and internationally agreed upon. Creating what we like to refer to as the “infostructure” – the essential basis for any Digital Health Ecosystem. 

CKM contributes to the development of that infostructure by engaging with clinicians in defining clinical content, empowering them to help to build the right systems. They can engage in informal discussions, make change requests, propose new archetypes. Even formally participate in the review of all clinical content models. Actively improving the infostructure of the Digital Health Ecosystem as it grows. 

CKM projects provide multiple working groups managing different clinical modelling initiatives with a dedicated space of their own to manage while sharing internationally and nationally agreed-upon models between projects. As models mature, they can be promoted and published to the international repository for reuse in other projects.

CKM is a powerful collaboration tool that helps organisations describe, manage, and publish clinical data models across applications. Replacing time-consuming manual methods with online collaboration methods

About CatSalut

CatSalut is an entity attached to the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Its mission is to guarantee quality health care to all citizens of Catalonia, through an adequate adaptation of the health supply to the needs of the citizens.
CatSalut plans, purchases, and evaluates health services according to the health needs of the population. It acts as guarantor of health services so that health, economic and human resources are at the service of citizens with criteria of equity, quality, and efficiency.

About Ocean Health Systems, Creators of Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM)

Ocean Informatics T/A Ocean Health Systems was founded in Australia 25 years ago with a mission of enabling integrated care through the controlled sharing of standardised, meaningful health information. Ocean advocates for the use of health information standards and have had a long involvement with health IT standards committees. Our contribution to national and international standards and delivering comprehensive health software solutions has resulted in our reputation within these communities.
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