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Using smart data to redefine the healthcare industry

Patients, consumers, the general public – each of these groups place their trust in health
professionals to provide them with safe and high-quality care. This is why at Ocean Health
Systems, our responsibility is to not solely maintain, but improve the safety and quality of health
Just one of the multiple ways we are delivering on this promise to mitigate risks for practitioners is
through our Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM). This powerful collaboration tool helps users
identify and define models of clinical content. It also helps organisations manage, describe, and
understand clinical data models and how they can be used across applications.

Replacing time-consuming manual methods with streamlined online collaboration facilities

At the forefront of its work, CKM is replacing time-consuming manual processes with efficient and
collaborative online facilities, allowing clinicians who generally have tight schedules with little
time to spare to better fulfill the needs of their patients.
With convenient built-in engagement functions, it simplifies manual operations, including
governance workflows. Users can view details such as version control to understand exactly when
models were last updated, understand the current state of the review process, and once ready,
publish these models for organisational use. The result is measurable in terms of quality,
time-to-delivery, and reduced human resources requirements.
Health jurisdictions and national programmes can use CKM in the development of clinical content
standards for national or regional use.

Why choose CKM?

  • Over 20 years of experience in supporting the openEHR approach
  • Available online and managed remotely
  • Streamlined installation and maintenance
  • Supports openEHR templates and archetypes
  • Universal interoperability among all forms of electronic data
  • Internationally deployed instances, including Norway, United Kingdom, Australia and Slovenia
  • Strict artefacts governance and quality control

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