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2022 seems to have flown past. For Ocean Health Systems, it was a year spent outlining the next phase of products – ones that will cater for todays clinical needs, as well as future scenarios and organisational shifts.  As we begin the march towards the festive season, no doubt a

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Ocean Health Systems utilises data in open-source technologies to provide the tooling, governance, and knowledge to design clinical information models to produce meaningful healthcare data for clinicians. Our clever tooling identifies meaningful sources of data and turns it into purpose-based actions.

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Using smart data to redefine the healthcare industry Patients, consumers, the general public – each of these groups place their trust in healthprofessionals to provide them with safe and high-quality care. This is why at Ocean HealthSystems, our responsibility is to not solely maintain, but improve the safety and quality

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Managing the threat of infection Amidst this uncharted and challenging time, the global pandemic has heightened the need forsystems to assist with the growing demands placed on the health sector. Primarily, managing thepotential threat of infection. Every year an estimated 180,000 Australians are impacted by infections associated withhealthcare. Altogether, these

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Challenge, change and what’s in store for 2022

2021 seems to have flown past, and for Ocean Health Systems it has been a time for reflection, celebration and thinking about what’s to come. I think for most of Ocean’s clients and partners it was an easier year to navigate than 2020.  As life returned to something more predictable

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