Prevent infections and protect residents with ease

Multiprac Infection Control for Aged Care provides clinical data to help streamline the management of infections across aged care programs.

Multiprac supports infection prevention, prediction and control data across single and multisite Aged Care facilities to allow ease of use for accreditation and compliance purposes.

Ocean Health Systems have enhanced Multiprac to manage infections across three modules: patient management, significant organism management and blood stream infection management.

What this means for Aged Care?

Aged Care programs can now embrace the added support of having a reliable, sound and dedicated infection control application to provide 24/7 infection control surveillance.

Multiprac Infection Control for Aged Care gives you the confidence, trust and reassurance that infection information is managed and monitored in a complete and update to date way.

The latest from Multiprac Infection Control

Multiprac combines clinical data with information from patient administration and pathology to provide infection control plans and task planning.

Combined, infection preventionprediction and control functionality help to ensure organisational compliance with safe & quality care for aged care residents.

Talk to our infection control specialist, Desleigh today to learn more about Multiprac Infection Control for Aged Care, or download our brochure.

For more information visit Multiprac Infection Control

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