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Managing the threat of infection

Amidst this uncharted and challenging time, the global pandemic has heightened the need for
systems to assist with the growing demands placed on the health sector. Primarily, managing the
potential threat of infection.

Every year an estimated 180,000 Australians are impacted by infections associated with
healthcare. Altogether, these patients occupy an additional 2 million hospital bed days. So how
can we improve health outcomes, minimise prolonged hospital stay visits, and reduce hidden

Introducing: Multiprac Infection Control and Staff Health, Ocean Health Systems acute care and
surveillance program.

Infection control for practitioners, by practitioners

Combining the best breed of technologies with industry standards, Multiprac Infection Control
and Staff Health takes the stress out of the practitioners every day by helping them focus on what
they do best – caring for patients. Built on Ocean Health System’s openEHR platform, the system
is designed by some of the world’s leading health informaticians, guided by international
standards and best practice, to deliver a feature-packed product.

Multiprac draws data from multiple sources, combining this information with analytical capability
and reporting to help manage infection outbreaks, avoid hospital readmissions, and improve
overall staff health. Using Multiprac to manage bloodstream infection investigations, our
customers have significantly reduced Hospital Acquired Infections across multiple facilities.

What can Multiprac do for you?

  • Aggregate data to provide surveillance and meaningful information to help control infections and improve staff health
  • Use predictive models to help significantly improve health outcomes
    Provide real-time data views that make interactive analytical reporting a breeze
  • Support complex algorithms to increase accuracy and significantly reduce the time required to monitor information in multiple systems
  • Provide the highest level of governance and security to ensure clinical protocols are followed, and sensitive information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands
  • Scale to any size enterprise, care setting and budget

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