MEDIA RELEASE: Ocean Health Systems Adds New Cloud Solution to Microsoft Marketplace

Smart approaches to health data – at more fingertips globally.  

Infection Control has been a major focus around the world and, fresh off the back of announcing their first cloud-based solution, Ocean Health System have announced a partnership with Microsoft to help more health facilities benefit from their data solutions.  

The Multiprac Infection Control solution offers health facilities a cloud environment that enables reliable capturing and reporting of data which helps save lives and saves time for clinicians to make informed patient management decisions. This development enables the Ocean Health Systems team to reach out globally, and at the same time look at how to solve health obstacles in both first world and developing countries. 

Ocean Health Systems was one of the first to create openEHR platforms, and this is what Multiprac is built upon. Multiprac draws data from multiple sources and combines it with analytical capability and reporting to help manage infection outbreaks and avoid hospital readmissions. The application provides rule-based surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). 

Lukas Eksteen, General Manager of Ocean Health Systems, said, “It’s important for us to ensure that we remain the destination point for smart approaches to health data, as we have for the last 20 years. The partnership with Microsoft is a natural extension of that, allowing our solutions to enhance the latest technologies and remain globally competitive.  

The partnership also enhances our team skills and efficiencies, and assist us in reaching organisations in more areas of the world. It is important that organisations have key alliance partners that understand market needs. By working with the Microsoft team, we feel better equipped to partner with Health departments, public and private health organisations, and expand to work in new sectors. Microsoft has an interest in openEHR, and we provide one example through Multiprac.” 

For more information, find Ocean Health System’s Multiprac Infection Control Solution in the Microsoft partner portal.  

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