Staff health, stewardship and so much more.

2022 seems to have flown past. For Ocean Health Systems, it was a year spent outlining the next phase of products – ones that will cater for todays clinical needs, as well as future scenarios and organisational shifts. 

As we begin the march towards the festive season, no doubt a reflective and celebratory time for us all, I can’t help but feel excited for what is to come. 

As well as internal restructuring and repositioning, Ocean Health Systems has focused on the current customers and software applications, and how these can be built upon in line with market requirements. The Directors of OHS are medical professionals and very focused on patient health, which extends to Ocean’s software suite which is designed for medical professionals and patients globally. Ocean is one of the pioneers of openEHR, so all our products are based on, or closely aligned with the openEHR space.

Over the year, we have certainly grown as a team – not just in numbers, but in how we problem solve and deliver for our clients. It’s not just global growth that we’re celebrating, but the ability to reach further into regional areas through the development of our software solutions. 

MULTIPRAC Infection Control solution launched a cloud-based tool, got a new look and feel including customer-requested functionality such as improved visibility and functionality of the Multiprac dashboard, and joined the Microsoft global marketplace. 

We look forward to launching PROSPER Staff Health and Guardian. PROSPER Staff Health is a standalone module that can be linked to MULTIPRAC, and which can be used by many industries, not just healthcare, for their staff protection.

GUARDIAN is a standalone module that can be linked to MULTIPRAC, a clinical surveillance software solution that integrates diagnostic stewardship and the value of microbiology. By combining laboratory data, patient data and select clinical data into targeted alerts, MULTIPRAC provides reporting on microbiology and antibiotic sensitivities and resistances.

After winning a rather significant tender, and bringing on new partners, CKM will soon be rolled out across Europe. We are also working to proactively enhance our collaborations across the openEHR community. In 2023, CKM Rocks will launch as an answer to the many requests we’ve had from entry-level organisations with low asset requirements.

We approach the end of the year with our customers and their patients in mind. Your challenges are our responsibility, and we believe that if we continue to commit to that thinking, we can build products to solve it, and the coming year will be even more remarkable.

For those businesses that we have not yet had the opportunity to work with, we hope to have the opportunity to chat about how we could work together soon. Let’s get coffee to welcome in the New Year.

I hope you can be with your loved ones over this festive period.

Take care, be safe, and see you in the New Year.

Warm Regards

Lukas Eksteen

General Manager

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